Transformation Period, Battling The Worst, Towards My Bright Future


This story is a transformative period between my bad memories leading me towards good changing opportunities that made me a stronger woman.

I write the story to inspire an artist to never stop believing in their dreams and to aspire themselves to be greater than what life expects. I went through a rough road, but sometimes situations can disrupt our path. This is only part of the story, but I plan to write a book that illustrates my life within the process. I plan to illustrate a book that gives people a perspective of who Charm Rose Brand, how she combatted situations, and how she used her experience to step out of the darkness and find a better chapter that’s more bright. All of that will be indicated in the book I am writing.


Every woman deserves to dream,

Every woman deserves to explore.

I don’t hide behind a bucket of tears, I don’t hide behind a bucket of misery.

But in life, we only have one chance to explore ourselves, to explore our potential and not be diminished by what people think.

I transform my image for a reason, I transform my purpose for a message.

Dealing with depression, and hits of the tragedy was a dark world that traumatized me along the way.

I couldn’t think, I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t feel anything.

I couldn’t imagine life as a one-stop dream, I couldn’t imagine memories as a gift.

I’m not gonna hide behind a face of beauty, and not understand myself.

For 10 years, I was lost, I was devastated, and given open wounds that I couldn’t handle.

So, I shaved my hair for a reason, so I shaved my hair for a purpose.

Within society, my hair became the target and attention.

Every time I wanted to speak; nobody would listen.

Every time I wanted to spend time; nobody would care.

I kept thinking of what I did, to be left in the shadows.

I was bullied and humiliated. I didn’t feel like a group of people who I believed were my friends would ever care about the person I am becoming. I was a target of a vicious and childish game of torture within the friendship.

Within this period, I cried and distance myself from the world I was living in. I lock myself in my room for a couple of months and didn’t want to be around anybody. I had a dark web within my guts, I had a dark web within my heart. All I thought about was thinking about what I could do to win this war. I didn’t want those groups of people in my life, I didn’t want those groups of people to ever be part of who I am.

So, the best solution was to walk away and discover my identity. I went through so many emotions, I went through so many hours of being painfully heartbroken.

Last year in 2018 became the most horrific moment of my life. I was being targeted upon my condition; I was being mock in Infront of students. I was being called out by ex-friends who didn’t love me as a person. Within the period, I almost attempted suicide and went into a deep depression that almost ended my life. Even though, I battled 6 health problems that were not easy within my own life.

Within my depression, I was nothing. I didn’t feel beautiful and felt damaged with all the hairs that reminded me of what happened. I couldn’t look in the mirror and see the woman in Infront of me. I couldn’t focus on my job, nor myself. Because all I thought about was the events that made me breakdown to the floor and cry.

When I would come to school, I felt like the whole world was against me. I couldn’t focus on the books; I couldn’t focus on my education. I couldn’t focus on anything than thinking about those people who led me to that point.

My friends and family would remind me of how beautiful I am. But I didn’t see it.

Within the back of mind, I kept thinking about


I will never forget what happened, I will never forget what type of pain I experience. But what I do know is that I’m learning how to combat the dark forces and find a light at the end of the tunnel.

As a moment of happiness, attending the Jonas Brothers Concert in 2019 was the most loving experience of my life as a human. Watching my childhood idols and being able to gain love within an audience.

This became a fanatic moment.

In 2019, I met somebody, and I knew in my heart that he could be the one. But the events and situations were too much to handle. Because I got humiliated again by another party that wanted to put my public information online.

I may be crazy to write this, I may be weird upon revealing the truth. But I was physically and emotionally damaged. I was heartbroken and made a fool by people I trust.

Transforming my life became a changing point to erase the past and step into the future. It became a moment to find happiness. Many events led me to the reason for shaving my hair, many events led me to the reason for shaving my past.

When the barber shaved my hair, all those horrific memories were disappearing. All those horrific memories were vanishing in total sympathy.

The minute I viewed myself in the mirror, I felt empowered and brave to combat what was tearing me down. I felt a boost of energy, I felt a boost of love.

Shaving my hair allowed me to be confident within my skin. Shaving my hair allowed me to rethink my future towards a new direction.

Even though I battled the worst, this transformation saved me from a world I was about to enter and never crawl out.

Many times, I thank god for a solution, many times I thank god for giving me my wings to fight and be brave.

Many times, I thank god for spurring the haters away.

I can follow my dreams; I can follow my purpose and determination.

I don’t need to be afraid of the world, I don’t need to be afraid of love.

Shaving my hair, attending a childhood concert, leaving the job that wasn’t my point of happiness, ending friendships with toxic people, battling 6 conditions that are a struggling, surviving situation of death within my memories, battling 10 years of trauma and trying to breakthrough.

So much has happened within my life, I can’t imagine.

But the benefits

Attending a community college and graduating with my Liberal Arts Associates, attending a University and working towards graduating in 2021 with my degree in Business Management and Entrepreneurship. Working hard towards getting into my dream school and following a plan to get my Music Business Bachelors and Masters. Working hard to work with Sony’s Music Entertainment, Warner’s Brothers Music, or Live Nation.

Working hard towards expanding my Brand and working on developing two companies within the world of music. Working on developing a line of books within Music and Textbooks.

Working towards gaining a career as an Artist Management and Administrative Assistant. Maybe someday, share a life with somebody and start a family.

Inspiring artists to follow their dreams and developing their potential. That’s my field of passion, I take steps to discover myself. Because I want to be a leader for other people. I want to be an influencer and be able to develop a world of music that has much respect within the community.

I tell my story for a reason, I don’t wanna hide who I am as a creative entrepreneur. I don’t want to hide who I am as an artist. Telling my story is a big step, Telling my story is a big turning point.

But I hope this story shows people a true potential side of Charm Rose Brand and what she had to do to find her true identity within the music.

I never want to allow my past to disrupt my passion for the artist and their movement. I want my life to be a legacy within the music.



As a woman, I have big dreams and a big focus upon where I wanna be. Shaving my head was a turning point and I love everything about this experience. I don’t understand why these bad events happened. But within those 10 years, good things happen as well. I don’t regret my success. But I do regret upon allowing those groups of people to bring me down.

But I win the war, I win the gain of experiencing life from another view.

This is my story and I am a brave woman for starting a new chapter of my life.

Charm Rose Brand

Jonas Brothers Concert Experience 2019


Jonas Brother Concert Experience 2019

Jonas Brothers

Song “Human”

Concert 2019

The greatest experience is finding yourself, finding your ability to be proud, to be brave, to be strong.

The Jonas Brothers experience concert was my key to happiness and a new chapter of love. From the day I was born, I grew up watching The Jonas Brothers. I grew up with their music, and just dancing to the beat.

For so long, I have been wanting to attend a concert. I have been wanting to just less loose, and be a string within the crowd of people.

After 10 years, The Jonas Brothers come back, and I can’t be more excited. Everything about it was an energy thrill. It felt like a strike of Red Bull that would collapse within your veins.

The concert was amazing and spectacular. The Jonas Brothers sang songs that included: SOS, Year 3000s, Mandy, Hold on, Lovebug, Burning up, Human, Gotta Find You, Cake By The Ocean, Jealous, Video Girl, and more.

The opening artist was Bebe Rexha, and Jordan McGraw (Dr. Phil’s Son)

They were amazing and rock the stage to a full extent.

The crowd’s reaction was unbelievable. People knew the lyrics by hearts and sang with the artist full on.

I loved Jordan McGraw’s performance, something about him had a type of undeniable spark. This man had a fire within his skin and gave the audience a type of edge within the music.

Within every performance, I cried, laugh, and sang. I couldn’t believe I was at this moment.

This moment became my energy kill in every way. I loved the songs, the laughter, the stream of fire, and so much more.

During the performances, Bebe Rexha decided to twerk on stage and bring a fan as to dance with her. The fan was crazy, decided to dance with Bebe. He was amazing, and shake his booty to a full extent.

If I could turn back time, I would turn it a thousand times just to watch The Jonas Brothers again.

Its an experience I will never forget.

Within seating, I and my cousin were on the 2nd balcony in row 8. The seating was so high, and a good view of the concert. I saw every angle, and vision within the performances. People literally got up and took photos. They would get up, and dance to every extent possible.

After the concert, I notice there were a couple of guys selling the Jonas Brothers t-shirt for 20 bucks. I only had 5 and wanted a t-shirt. The guy obnoxiously got all defensive, it was all good. He had t-shirts inside his clothing and down his pants. Yeah, I’m going to pass and buy it on Amazon.

During the concert, I notice something interesting at that moment. The Jonas Brothers had a book named “Blood” that recalled the journey of their life. I am planning on buying the book. I already knew how their life started.

Blood: A Memoir by the Jonas Brothers

The Jonas Brothers grew up in a small town called “New Jersey” with a family that owned a church. Their father was a pastor, and the mother was always supportive. They loved their kids very much, and always supported their dreams.

The Jonas Brother

Nick Jonas, Kevin Jonas, Joes Jonas, and the youngest Frankie Jones.

The reason why this concert was so special to me.

Nick Jonas has type 1 and 2 diabetes. I am somebody who lives with type 2 diabetes, and 5 other health problems. To watch a musician like him within that stage was much of a dream of happiness running thru my skin. I admired this man so much, he inspires me in every way to keep living. Even though, I have it. His performance was dedicated toward diabetes, “A Little Bit Longer”. This song drove me down to tears because it shows that you can live longer. Even though, you suffer from a deadly condition that’s life-threatening. The lesson learned: take care of yourself and always manage your diabetes. Nick Jonas made the statement fully clear, truly embrace the hearts of every people living with Diabetes.

This man is my hero, and I thank my family for allowing me to attend this concert. I went through so many emotions it’s crazy. But every moment of what I spent on money was definitely worth it within the end.

The song “Little bit Longer” Copyrights of Nick Jonas

A Little Bit Longer

Jonas Brothers

Got the news today

Doctors said I had to stay

A little bit longer and I’ll be fine

When I thought it’d all been done

When I thought it’d all been said

A little bit longer and I’ll be fine

But you don’t know what you got till it’s gone

And you don’t know what it’s like to feel so low

And every time you smile, you laugh, you glow

You don’t even know, know, know

You don’t even know

All this time goes by

Still, no reason why

A little bit longer and I’ll be fine

Waiting on a cure

But none of them are sure

A little bit longer and I’ll be fine

But you don’t know what you got till it’s gone

And you don’t know what it’s like to feel so low

And every time you smile, you laugh, you glow

You don’t even know, know, know

You don’t even know, know, know

You don’t even know, know, know


But you don’t what you got till it’s gone,

And you don’t know what it’s like to feel so low, yeah

And every time you smile, you laugh, you glow

You don’t even know! yeah, oh, yeah, ohhh, yeah, yeah

You don’t even know! know, know!

So I’ll wait till kingdom come

All the highs and lows are gone

A little bit longer and I’ll be fine

I’ll be, fine

Everything about this concert was my eye-opening reason to attend. I quit my job at Walmart month before, because I wanted one night of happiness, and away from the life I lived. I wasn’t happy at my job at Walmart. Because there was somebody who made my work life complicated. I wanted to be away from her in every way.

Walmart wouldn’t allow me to attend the concert. They wouldn’t allow me to have that one day off. So a couple months before I gave in my two weeks’ notice, and left this job in a heartbeat.

All I wanted was to attend the Jonas Brother Concert and I am glad that I was a person with love within the audience to support the three men I love most within the music.

My message to the Jonas Brothers

You are my inspiration to live and to be brave. Thank You for fulfilling my heart with so much joy and encouragement. You guys rock that stage and relived the moment in everyone’s eyes.



Jonas Brothers Concert 2019

Ever since I was a young girl, I been dreaming of the day to finally watch The Jonas Brothers Concert. Experiencing this opportunity felt like a blessing. I made a risky decision and being honest I am so proud of what I did. I resigned from my retail job because the day this concert happened I was scheduled to work. Working at that company, I wasn’t allowed to attend. So I resigned month before because all I dreamed about was finally experiencing this one moment that could finally open my eyes within the passion of music.
This night I cried, I laugh, I sang with passion to the lyrics.
The greatest part about finding yourself is finding what really makes you happy.
To experience a moment of love and rocking music was the best night I will never forget.
I wasn’t happy at my job in that place, but I needed to attend this concert for all the right reasons.
Dont judge me upon my choice, in my heart I made the right choice.
#LoveJonasBrothers 🎶🎵🎶

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Jonas Brothers Concert 2019 Photos From The Concert YouTube Video posted up, click link in bio LOVE THE JONAS BROTHERS WITH SO MUCH HEART ❤🎶🎵 Ever since I was a young girl, I been dreaming of the day to finally watch The Jonas Brothers Concert. Experiencing this opportunity felt like a blessing. I made a risky decision and being honest I am so proud of what I did. I resigned from my retail job because the day this concert happened I was scheduled to work. Working at that company, I wasn't allowed to attend. So I resigned month before because all I dreamed about was finally experiencing this one moment that could finally open my eyes within the passion of music. This night I cried, I laugh, I sang with passion to the lyrics. The greatest part about finding yourself is finding what really makes you happy. To experience a moment of love and rocking music was the best night I will never forget. I wasn't happy at my job in that place, but I needed to attend this concert for all the right reasons. Dont judge me upon my choice, in my heart I made the right choice. #LoveJonasBrothers 🎶🎵🎶 #CommunityofDreamMusicians #rap #dj #song #edm #pop #bands #live #singer #musician #guitar #songwriter #rock #concert #instamusic #producer #band #musica #livemusic #guitarist #musicislife #musicians #musiclife #musical #piano #guitars #musiclover #singing #guitarplayer

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Charm Blog #2 Artistic Empowerment

allef-vinicius-bwdRPDr-aHU-unsplash                                                  Photo by Allef Vinicius on Unsplash

Charm Blog #2
Artistic Empowerment
Welcome to Charm Rose Brand
Expanding our knowledge within the soul of an artist, Expanding our desire within the treasure of an island….

When you dance, when you sing……
Do you feel the beat of a rhythmic tempo?

Every artist has a sentimental intuition to discover themselves within the musical genes. The goal of empowerment is to never give up on what you desire most.
The goal of empowerment is to chase your dreams and take advantage of what’s next.

In life, music will always be our connection, music will always be our ability to find hope, strength, and dignity.
Every passion has its roots, every passion has its desire.

But when you perform on stage, do you feel connected, do you feel a movement that balances through your body.

That’s the greatest lesson about the Music Industry, you don’t have to be afraid to express yourself. As a musician, you take charge and commitment of your expectations within the industry.
You have to gain knowledge and show this world that your voice matters most.

Life has brought us so many legends, Life has brought us so many creative aspects. But if you find that desire, that’s so hard to control.
Music is your best shot as to release the inner diva that lies inside of you.

Artistic empowerment
Its all about expressing yourself as an artist.
Its all about finding your key center, and never giving up
You need to breathe, you need to search deep inside, and ask yourself “What is my gift?”
If you ask yourself
“Why was I born with a gift?”
“Why am I creative?”
“Why was I given this purpose?”
That’s the big answer that lies in our hearts
But if somebody ask me to give them answer
“I would say “You were chosen”


Today’s Challenge

Let’s imagine….
You are performing for a big crowd, it’s your big night, everybody is waiting for you to perform.
Big question
“What do you do?”

First of all
Breathe, and close your eyes, think about your happy place….
Stop thinking about the amount of people in the crowd….
Stop thinking about the worst….

Do you see that paper that’s filled with direction, do you see that paper that has a coordination of the songs?


Think about your happy place and express yourself within your own fantasy. Think about the joy, think about the love, Think about the direction.
Play the performance as a movie, and only imagine yourself on that very stage.

As long as you role play the performance within your happy place, you will be able to empower yourself within the World of an Artist.

Never Stop Believing in Your Potential….

A passionate root that lies within our hearts, A passionate roots that’s thick and enduring within the Music Industry.

Within the Music Industry, the works of an artist is an important root within expectations and responsibility.
Empower yourself to find your own creative strategy….
Empower yourself to believe that anything possible…
Always keep upbeat within the industry…
Always find a balance upon the entertainment and real life.

Most Importantly
Find something that connects you towards your purpose
-A childhood letter
-A photo
-A necklace
-A watch
As long as you have that root within your heart, the road of empowerment becomes much deeper. Every artist deserves a chance, every artist deserves an opportunity.

Creative Style Root Projects

Within this section…
I will give you some idea’s of what you can use as to empower yourself as an artist. I want you to be creative, I want you to find your space, and discover your potential….

Let’s make the magic happen…

• Freestyle a song and work on developing your ability within the tempo
• Find a spot, and work on a lyric that’s inspiring
• Reach out of your element and take a trip to an 1800s museum
• Stare at a portrait, and think about the story
• Exercise or do yoga
• Paint a portrait, and let your body take control
• Work with an artistic group and contribute
• Write a book, or even a magazine
• Visit your favorite city, and relax for a week
• Take a day off work, and play your instrument within a special location
• Gather with your friends, and do something adventurous
• Spend time with family, and your loved ones
• Stop spending for one day, and take a walk thru the park
• Find a stage, and sing your heart out
• Try out a creative activity, put technology aside for one day
• Build a puzzle, Walk your pet

In life, there are many reasons to be creative.
Many reasons to be unique.
But the greatest gift as an artist is to transform your mind, and your capacity to never forget where you stand. Sometimes, life may take many challenges within the direction that we pursue.
But within the industry, music is our connection as to discover a world that’s much brighter.

Don’t allow, the barriers to break….
Don’t allow, the barriers to break who you are…

Within the industry, you will face many points of stress. Within the industry, you will face many challenges of what might come next.

But never be afraid to find your balance, develop your skills in every ability. Develop your intuition, within every knowledge.
Its all about expanding your wings as an artist and knowing the fact that you exist.

Artistic empowerment
Evolves within our skin, evolves within our ability to perform and never give up.
But that’s the greatest key about the Music Industry, there are many great benefits as to take control and rise what’s next.

Never think about the negative
Just know, that your dreams matter in every way

Who ever blocks your view, doesn’t understand your potential? But make every choice as a key to a new center.

New doors will open, New doors will expand….
As long as you work hard, your career will move up…

Be a hero
Artistic empowerment, lies within you

Charm Rose Brand


Artist Spotlight #1 HAAWW’S

Music Spotlight #1

Artist Music Promotion


“Every Beat is a sonographic rhythm, that shower’s our skin with glory”

Ladies & Gentlemen

An African American Singer and Songwriter



Story of HAAWW’S

The story is an inspired format, the music is banging upon every step, beat, and measure.

HAAWWS is an inspiring Singer/Songwriter

He grew up within the center of a beat upon music and its scenery. As a child, he knew exactly what he wanted to be, he knew exactly where he wanted to go.

The world view was more of an adventure and a built-in story upon his views within the music.

As a child, he started playing drums and got caught up within the studio. He dances moreso stepping.

Any opportunity within music became a gateway of what’s next. An opportunity to rap, an opportunity to show the world who you are as an artist.

He broke out and took a risk upon a brighter future. He never stops believing in his music. He never stops believing in his ability to take a leap of faith.

Since the budget was tight, affording a session became a challenge. So, he took advantage of using his skills as a marketing effect. During school, he freestyled within the cafeteria as a rapper and an artist.

People became his following; people applauded his work. He was the artist of the century within skills, movement, and a fine coordination.

By the time he was able to afford a session, he was able to rap a couple of songs.

“Flava In Your Ear” by Craig Mack

“Quiet Storm” by Mobb Deep

Writing, and composing lyrics became his calling within the scene of music.

Music Evolution

Album – Colors

Song “Dancehall”


The Song Dancehall, an upbeat movement, a rhythmic effect, and a body shaking within the night scene.

The Song “Dancehall” is an inspiration and movement within the Caribbean Culture, a wide impact within the greater Boston area upon music, and the nightlife era. Within the song, he uses the cultures within his life to create a better effect within the music scene.

HAAWWS uses the culture and sound within the song “Dancehall”

Contribution of Artist

Boston natives Star Gyal & Official Y.D.A.

My Feedback

The song has a great beat within its style and shows the passion as a musician within an African movement. I love everything about this song, and I would recommend it.



Within the website

HAAWWS introduces his biography, his music, and his history

If you would love to know more

Check out his works



What is your life story within music and how did you evolve as an artist?

I started music at a very young age playing the drums, frequenting different dance studios, being engulfed in the music scene. From family in the business to just being a fan, I’ve always had an inclination that id do music, but I never knew for sure this is what I wanted to do until around 2015. It still wasn’t until

2017 that I started to jump into the recording process. Before then I would frequent different studios, trying to get a session whenever I could with the little budget I had. But nothing good would ever come of it. It took me time to really develop my skills from just freestyling in the lunchroom to being able to deliver properly in the booth. It’s funny, I remember one of my first sessions with my partner Jeff I rapped over 2 classic instrumentals “Flava In Ya Ear” by Craig Mack Rest in Peace, and the go-to for any freestyle session “Quiet Storm” by Mobb Deep. Neither tracks were good lol. I also met Leo (@leomixedit) that day, and even though sonically it didn’t turn out how I imagined, I never gave up on the dream of getting back in and making something new and fresh. Running into obstacles like having very little to no money for studio time, or even a ride to the studio. For months to a year, I would wait and imagine what we’d call a “big homie” or “OG” to be like “yeah I F**k with you, come to my studio lets work” and unfortunately it doesn’t work like that. Not here in Boston. I’m very appreciative of that struggle to find a creative space because it allowed me to obtain some very valuable information and relationships along the way.

What inspired you as an artist?

The freedom to express how I feel unapologetically is what inspires me, the creative process, the long nights in the studio, the ups, and downs that come with being independent. The constant denial and approval you receive from family and friends. The fact connects with people across the globe. The struggle to get people to understand why it is you do what you do and how you do it.

What advice do you have for another artist?

Be your true self in all forms, it translates better. I realized that people have always took a liking to me for always being in my rawest form, from good to bad, they always knew I was authentic and that they weren’t going to get any more or less. “Stop Trying To Be GOD” lol as out there as it might sound, I know people who are artists and try to play savior to their friends by trying to get them to be onboard or understanding of what they (the artist) are/is trying to accomplish. It’s always the closest to us that never understands. They’re never going to understand! It’s art! No one really does, we just say we do. It’s on us as artists to take control over our destiny and design our paths how we want. Friends not feeling it. Branch out! Because someone out there will. 7.4 billion people on this earth, streaming lets you touch them all. Doesn’t mean I condone everything being created these days if its trash leaves it on the hard drive lol. It’s up to us to choose our narratives.

Charms Words

Every artist has a chance to shine, and to follow their passion along the way. The greatest impact we can obtain is to never give up on our dreams, nor our ambition. Every artist has a mission, every artist has a path.

HAAWWS work hard for his dream and embrace the culture within himself. Rise up and let your voice be heard.

Charm Rose Brand

Music Promotion

Copyrights by HAAWWS