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World of Music

“A rise of love and intuition enhances our ability to explore the world within the sound of music.”

A Drumbeat, a guitar, a piano

The World of Music is a center stage that triggers our minds upon what’s next. A loud stadium, an artistic movement, or even a memorizing performance.

Within our minds, we embrace the change and find the coordination to escape the world that has trapped our souls within a time vault.

Ladies & Gentlemen

I present the World of Music….


Within the World of Music, I will enhance your mind upon a creative outlook within innovation. Upon this article, you will be learning elements and resources within the Music Industry.

So, what do I mean by elements?

The Music Industry preparation assets, Categories upon performance and expertise, History, The driven desire of Musicians and their vision, Skills and Knowledge, Programs sources, opportunities, Career ladder, Creative projects and assignments, and more.

I design this world as a gateway upon innovation and creation. Every artist deserves an opportunity to shine, and never forget where they stand in life. Every day, we work hard within an outlook, a direction, and a star performance.

I want an artist to find a balance upon what they do, their skillset, and the ability to perform within the right coordination.

I design this world to inspire your minds, train your intelligence, and provide you with the right sources to give you a boost within the Music Industry.

I have never been part of the Music Industry, I’ve volunteered as a local artist, I’ve taken music courses such as Music Theory, Gospel Choir, Music Ensemble, and even Piano.

But music is my passion, and it’s a career I would sacrifice above and beyond.

Training and developing a musician’s gift are potential. But understand their determination is a major sacrifice within the World of Music.


Photo by Gayatri Malhotra on Unsplash

Get Ready,

The World of Music present….

A Gift Within Ourselves


Contents & Summary

  • The Music Industry and Its Movement

An analysis of the Music Industry and its preparation as to how you should present yourself within The Music Industry. The area will be providing: Artist, Product, Promotion, Entertainment, Performance, and Structure within the business.

  • Music History and Culture

A historical view of the greatest elements within music. Some popular genre would include Rock n Roll (Baby, golden age), Pop (Spice up the floor), R & B (Yes mam), Rap (Hit wonders like Snoop Dogs), Salsa (Latina Vibe), Bachata, and a trend within the timeline itself

  • Music Education and Category

In this category, I will introduce elements as to what you should take as to become a musician within the entertainment business. The knowledge and elements that are important to study as a musician.

  • Skills and Knowledge

As to become a musician, your skills and knowledge are a strong insight within the World of Music. You need to understand the studies that are important within learning, as well as the skills that will higher your potential as an artist, and management expectations.

  • Music Education, Programs and Organization

This section is all expanding our learning within Music Education, creating a program that will be easy to follow, and sources within the organization system

  • Opportunities and Career Field Ladder

This section is a way of expanding your career opportunities within the music industry. This will provide a plan of sources and a ladder of opportunities to reach your potential as to become a musician within your chosen field.

  • Creative Project Ideas

This section is a way of presenting a list of creative ideas within projects and processes that will rise your career within music.

  • Recording and Studio

This section is a way of showing you insight within working in a studio and the process of recording an album.

  • The Crowd and Fan Sites

This section is a way of expanding your brand within an audience, being professional within their expectations, needs, and attraction. A way of handling fan sites and being able to stabilize your market within fanatic websites.

  • Social Media and Brands

This section is a way of improving your social media within the process, technique, and coordinating. Also, as insight within branding and style of the music industry.

  • Music Product and Digital Age

Producing a product within an album, ideas of how to market your product. An insight within the digital market and its function.

  • Music Websites and Sales Market

This section is about designing your own music website and being able to produce sales within the market.

  • Music Influence

The networks of music influencers, and analysis of inspiring us to pursue our dreams. The greatest lesson and historical points, we can learn from somebody within the music industry.

  • Marketing and Promotions

This section will about be marketing your brand as a musician, promoting your music, and being able to execute its products in a creative way.

  • Entertainment Industry

This section is about a discovery within the music industry and a world of entertainment within business, marketing, musicians.

  • Music and Albums

This section is about building an album, requirements of the industry, the right procedure within executing business within an album, and the industry’s approach within performances.

  • Famous People

This section is about the analysis of famous people, and their approach within the industry. A way of looking into their lives, and how they work within the industry.

  • Success Stories Within the Music Industry

This section will provide a documentary as success stories within the Music Industry. I will write an article regarding a successful person within the Music Industry and their road to success.

  • Radio and Station, Podcasting

This section will contain the process and systems within the radio industry. Also, an insight within podcasting, and its digital world within a creative communication.

  • Music Culture Analysis

This section will illustrate a foundation of the Music Culture, genre, and history upon an analysis.

  • Motivation and Influences

This section will be a factor of motivation for the musician, that endure the sparks of creativity within their blood.

  • Movie Analysis

A world that centers within the music video, sales, and movie industry.

  • Resources and Tools

Sources of information for the musician

  • Thank you (Every section will be 1 page each)

The Music Industry & Its Movement

“Spread your wings as to never fear”

A built foundation is built within the Music Industry, coordination of movement that never stops. Within the Music Industry, a structure is built to operate the industry within the music.

The operations of a studio, The structure of performance within sales, or even the handle of an artist within their career.

Within this section, we will discuss a few elements within the Music Industry.

Preparations of an artist, Artist, Product, Promotion, Entertainment, Performance, and Structure within the business.


Photo by Green Chameleon on Unsplash

The Music Industry & Its Movement

“Spread your wings as to never fear”

 A built foundation is built within the Music Industry, coordination of movement that never stops. Within the Music Industry, a structure is built to operate the industry within music.

The operations of a studio, The structure of performance within sales, or even the handle of an artist within their career.

Within this section, we will discuss a few elements within the Music Industry.

Preparations of an artist, Artist, Product, Promotion, Entertainment, Performance, and Structure within the business.

 Preparations of an artist

  • Study the knowledge: Music Theory, Ear Training, Aural Skills, Composition, Music Production, Studio Structures, Business Insights, Brand & Style, Marketing, Performance, Math, and more.
  • Study Skills: Vocal, Instruments, Reading Notes, Aural Skills, Ear Training, Notation, Rhythmic, Tone, Creativity, Performance, and more.
  • Music Training: Vocal, Piano, Guitar, Band, Performance, and others
  • Study everything about the Music Industry.
  • Education Training degree or masters: Music Business, Business, Music, Music Education.
  • Creative Experience: studio, record Label, contributions with an artist, producing an album, networks with collaborations of an artist, entertainment…..
  • Entry-level, free internships, or even volunteer work.
  • Practice, Practice, Practice
  • Participate in gigs, and performances
  • Find opportunities within competitions: America Got Talent, American Idol (14-28 ages)
  • Work on obtaining entry-level jobs with Music Corporate Companies: Sony’s Music Entertainment, Warner’s Brothers Music Group
  • Work with music professionals and obtain a letter of recommendations
  • Be creative within your social media following, and display a professional brand.


Every musician has the ability to spread their wings, and become greater than what they expect.

Within the Music Industry, an expectation of requirements is maintained among status and brand professionalism.

Your knowledge and musical skills are an important asset within the industry: coordination of a song, dancing within a stage, performing in front of a large audience, expectations of sales within a brand, professional style, working in a band, and presenting yourself within a crowd.

From the day you were born, you need to be able to educate yourself and understand the system.

Gaining experience as to move up within your career field, that’s a very important key.

But as you rise within the industry, you need to be careful with scams, and fake identities (people who pretend to be part of the industry, when they have no contracts nor experience with a real corporate company or a record label)

As long as they gain intelligence within music, the road will be much clearer.


As a musician, you are required to develop a product that represents your brand and recognition of style. Some types of products would include album, music videos, songs, performances, concerts, and others.


As to build a product, the industry has a process:

  • Think of an idea of what type of product you would love to produce, the message to your audience, the quality within the composition, the direction of sales, and the rises of sources within digital media.
  • Experiment with a mix of words within an inspiration board, freestyle a set of sentences that have a rhythmic balance among melodies.
  • Go to a creative spot and release your mind within a spontaneous personality. Some strategic methods: play your favorite music, stare at beautiful artwork, pick up a memory, and even watch something that will inspire you.
  • Build your product and take the time to coordinate the notes.
  • Now replay your products, be your own audience, and analyze the quality of your product. Think about it, does the product meet your expectations within the style, quality, and assurance? do you believe it’s strong enough for your audience within delivery?
  • If the product meets your needs, and your markets needs. Then you are allowed to develop the product within the process. If the product fails to meet your expectations, then change its movement, and add some new ideas.
  • You are allowed to reinvent the product with new ideas that are able to work.
  • Give your market an opportunity to test your product and get the feedback
  • When you get good reviews, send your product to a desired location of opportunity. If its an album- Artist agency, songs- Spotify, iTunes, digital sales. Clothing, retail brands should be sent to a manufacturer, or distributor.
  • If its an album, wait till the approval from a creative artist agency. It’s their decision, where it’s a good product that should be in the market or a product that needs improvement. Don’t be discard, if it doesn’t make it within the process. TRY AGAIN
  • If it’s a retail product such as clothing, sneakers, posters, or even perfume. Work with retailers, and invest with stockholders to seek financial opportunities.
  • Most importantly, Marketing, and promotion within sales of a product
  • Engage with your social media channels, and network upon your type of direction within the product and how it meets your audience.
  • Book performances, gigs, and shows. Mention the website or location of where your product is located.
  • Now after you follow the process, wait and see the magic happen.

 Marketing, and Promotion

 As an artist, you are required to market, and promote yourself within the market. You have to represent yours with a strong professional brand.

What are the requirements

  • Maintain a style
  • Profession brand with a message
  • Strong social media followings
  • Top performances that are upbeat within the crowded market
  • Posters, articles, songs, music, videos
  • Artistic networking
  • Professional websites
  • Non-Explicit Brand or Explicit Brand (Either way, I believe a clean creative brand is an upper direction)

Marketing your self takes, you have to be committed every day to increase your potential as a professional.


The entertainment world is a tough industry, but if you wanna make it as an artist. You have to be willing to put in the grind, sacrifice, and the hours to make it happen.

But as to boom within the entertainment industry, you will need a team of experts to back you up within the operation.

What do I mean by a team?

Management, Marketing, Publisher, Stylist, Lawyers, Production, Security Guards, and more.

Within the entertainment, you will be meeting a lot of expectations: Shows, gigs, performances, movies, events, and even promotional tactics within a brand.

Maintain a plan that’s going to build your status.


World of Performance (My Favorite Topic)

Every performer has a status quo upon marketing and execution.

What do I mean execution?

Coordination of movement within the stage, performance execution within expectation from management, the crowd’s reaction, working with a team, band coordination, combining your voice and instrument through the music, choreography, and more.

Within a performance, there are many expectations.

 Structure Within Business

The world of business is centered within the Music Industry. A structure within Business is known as a  process. Within the Music Industry, many elements exist to follow thru. Some would include The artist, management, studio, performances, sales, digital operations, and more.

Every structure has its function and system.

 I’ll give you an example

The studio (a record label)

 If you are a producer or a manager within the studio. You have to make sure that everything is balanced out, and operating a top speed for either an artist or a band.

 What do I mean by operation

Recording system, equipment, music software, business analytics within data, devices, and more.

 Within a studio, the system works like this

1)Check systems and make sure everything is running smoothly for the session

2)Sound booth, and equipment

3)Check logs and documents

4)Keep an update with the artist, and make sure they will be coming for the session

5)Prepare drinks and food for the artist and important client

6) Run the music and songs

7)Keep track of the music execution

8) Work with important client and deliverance

9)Work on the album with the artist

10) Rehearse music.

 Every studio has a different expectation, but as long as you can stick to it. That’s all You need to do.