Creative Development


Creative Development

Charm Rose Brand

Breaking away from what happened, and how I was feeling, became a struggle in my life. I am glad to be strong, to be fearful, and be able to breathe.

Sometimes, you must understand that love will center you in every movement. The truth, people did not understand what I was going through, people did not understand what I was feeling. But being able to walk away from the trauma became my biggest fight.

For 10 years, I did not know who I was, or who I wanted to be. I was being pulled upon situations within my ex-friend’s acts, and I did not want to relive what I went through.

Being able to turn 30 in a few months and being able to restart my life. I am blessed by God to not suffer those horrific memories upon their acts. I am blessed by God to not think about my life being swept through the drain.

Within their eyes, I was not respected nor loved. Within their voice, I was nothing but a joke, and somebody who they believed, they had the right to embarrass in front of others. Within their views, I was not given much opportunity to be human and myself.

But the greatest part about reaching out and finally breaking through. Being able to develop my strength, mindset, and soul.

I am thankful to be around people who appreciate and admire me as a human. I am thankful to be around people who fill me with positivity and love. I am thankful to be around a school that believes in my education and a dean that is willing to get me on the right track. I am thankful to have counselors that are helping me fight through what happened. I am thankful for having a part-time job that helps me raise money to finish my classes. Since my financial aid got cut off due to the acts of my ex-friend who dehumanized me and made my semesters a living hell.

I am thankful to be transformative and relive the creative woman I was back then.

I am thankful to work on my health and be able to work on losing weight.

The many reasons, I wake up with happiness, the many reasons I wake up with love. The many I wake up and recognize the horrific events are over.

Would I ever want to invite my ex-friends back into my life?

They are not anything worth fighting, I am centered in a good position and working on graduating next year with my bachelor and diploma as an administrative assistant.

Moving forward, I rather build myself and transform into a creative woman. I rather learn and evolve within knowledge, activities, and be able to work in an actual job. I want to work on developing the company that I dreamed about when I was 20 years old. I want to be with somebody who is worth being my hero, and supporting me as I work hard for a brighter dream.

That’s the greatest gift about creative development

Finding yourself and the key to love

Charm Rose Brand

Artistic Roots Through Performance


Artistic Roots Through Performance
As a young artist, did you ever dream of performing on stage. Did you ever dream of a new world?
That is the concept of life and powering your voice through a product. It is a root of our ambition; it is a root of our love.
Performing on stage is a gift, and empowering our souls through music, its an experience we will never doubt.
When you sing, do you feel like a Rockstar? When you dance, do you rock like Whitney Houston? When you play the drums, electric base, or even a guitar, do you imagine your own world.
Performing on stage is a gift, and you do not have to be nervous. Yes, it will catch you by surprise. But if you make your dream happen. Nothing else will fall out of place.

As an artist, your roots are clear, and the nerve is nothing but a distraction. When you perform on stage, do not think of the fear. Do not think of the audience. Do not even think of what might happen.
When you perform, you are the key, and balance within the show. Never forget why you are here!
You are on stage as to make dreams
Charm Rose Brand

Thank you


Be powerful, Be love, and Rise upon your dreams upon

Performance, Love, Strength

World Of Management In The Music Industry


World of Management in The Music Industry

Your dreams are an ambition, your voice is a performance upon guidance and diligence. Every artist has a right to go after their dreams and be able to make a statement.

But as an artist comes responsibilities.

What do I mean by responsibilities?

Sales, Tickets, Concerts, Promotion, Advertisements, Social Media.

Yes, an artist can work on their own. But sometimes, you need a backup team as to succeed upon the road of dreams.

That is why you need management and a team of professionals that can give you an edge within the world of market. The greatest part about management, they can understand your vision, and being able to expand your brand upon where you wanna be.

You can understand that the world of dreams is a long road as you start your career within music. You can understand that the world of dreams comes with much duration within your skin.

But the greatest vision about management, they can construct the background. While you are representing your brand and style. That is the greatest part about The Music Industry, you have a team of people who are supporting your dream upon a standard foundation.

Responsibilities upon Management

  • Working with agencies upon contract between the organization, networks, and artist.

  • Interviews and audition to scout potential clients.

  • Work with artist upon marketing plans and tours.

  • Stable communication between the artist

  • Work with networking upon negotiation between cost that represents the artist.

  • Cost and fees within travels, tours, promotion, etc.

  • Marketing and advertising activities.

  • Negotiate with promoters and agents.

  • Work with equipment and facilities.

  • Book interviews, coaches, and trainers

  • Bookkeeping and financial obligation.

As a manager, you have a lot of responsibilities, and you must be serious within the Music Industry. But as an artist, you must work with management and agents as to succeed towards the next level. You want to be performing, work with the big guns, be advertised on the famous platforms, movies and tv industries, networks and big representation, tours, and a big audience.

Listen, the work is not easy, but if you trust the manager and their duties. You will achieve your dreams in every way. Yes, you will go far doing it on your own. But as an artist, you need a manager that is going to be able to push upon the hard work.

I am going to be real



Open Words to Management

If you are a manager and you are working with artist. You need to have an open communication between you and the artist. You need to be able to understand their vision, and not a change who they are. Every artist has a brand that is unique and open. Every artist has a vision of how they see upon transformation.

Management, work with the vision, and be able to strategies upon how you are going to make this work. Are you going to give the artist a direction? Are you going to implement your ideas as to stabilizing a proper turn? Are you going to work with the brand and movement? Where will you invest upon a profit and expense? How will you bring the audience and be able to book the performance?

Work with artist and enhance their vision. The key to music is being able to find a balance and taking advantage of the market within innovation.

Within the Music Industry, an artist needs direction, and moderation within its center. I can understand how challenging your work can be as an artist. But if you push and make the wave clear. You are the manager with a vision, and I am proud of your SUCCESS.

Alright, lets get back to business.

Where do you get discovered within Management?

As an artist, you will come across opportunities, and you need management as to guide your progress. Managers will come to you when they see your potential.

So where do managers scout potential clients.

  • Concerts
  • Competitions
  • Radios
  • Auditions
  • Showcases
  • Social Media
  • Artist Management submissions
  • Bars & Venues
  • Live gigs
  • And others

Within the World of management, there are many opportunities. All you got to do is spread your wing and act upon your ambitious love of music.

How do you know if a manager is legit?

Here are some procedures:

  • Degree in Music Business, or experience in the music industry
  • A business with awards and a list of clients that have succeeded within the music industry.
  • Understanding of the Music industry and the background (Ask questions)
  • Legal business, card, and a detail plan for your career.

Understand the process

  • Do not sign anything without a lawyer or attorney present.
  • Management agreement within Contract, territory, and compensation
  • Agreement in verbal and writing
  • Both parties within management and the artist should be on the same page.

Bad Management

  • A manager who wants to meet late at night and has an act that is not legitimate.
  • Drunk, lazy, not focus. Be Careful
  • Somebody who claims to be part of the industry, but never earned anything in the music industry.

Let me be clear, I have no experience in the Music Industry. I am working towards becoming an assistant and artist management. Right now, I am only creating a world to develop artist at this point.

So far, I gave you a bit of insight of what the Music Industry is about. I love developing artist and their potential within the Music Industry.

As an artist, you can succeed and make a commitment towards your dreams. If you understand the Music Industry and its potential. Everything will become clear and better along the way.

Every artist can succeed. But you must put in the work and make it happen. I am going to be clear, respect your people, business associates, fans, audience. Never portray a negative attitude or image.

If you take advantage of your dreams and practice every day. You will succeed

Every artist deserves a spotlight

Thank you

Charm Rose Brand

Jack Travis (Best Friend)

Mental Health Professionals

BOSTON, MA — After battling a series of lifelong mental health issues, Jack Travis went from being in and out of mental hospitals to living a happy life in less than a year. As a mental health advocate and a newly published author, his goal is to guide others along the path he had to take to recover. He started his journey on Twitter and other social media platforms, and he invites others to join him on his journey.

Jack Travis is a mental health advocate, an author, a modern day philosopher, and a millennial entrepreneur. He struggled with many life-long mental illnesses as a result of abuse and other traumatic experiences. With his journey he started through social media, his goal is to teach other people how to overcome their struggles and find happiness in life. Jack is working on becoming a motivational speaker, and he wishes to encourage others to join him on his journey because we are truly stronger together.

“I spent years living in a dark place with a negative outlook on life; I hated myself, and I did not feel worthy or like I mattered to anyone because of how I was treated by most people. It was as if my eyes were not only open to the bad, but also closed to the good. Once I started getting the help I needed, and making positive changes in my life, I was able to overcome my struggles. Going through the process of healing and recovery taught me a lot, and now my goal is to help others with what I’ve learned and what I’ve discovered. We’re all limited to our own knowledge, so we must be willing to broaden our horizons, learn from credible sources, and discover happier and healthier ways of life than what we are used to. After all, the harder we fall, the higher we can rise.” – Jack Travis

Wanna read more, please go to

Stronger Together: From Mental Illness To Mental Wellness with Jack Travis