Every vision starts with a dream, Every vision starts with a story. A world of creation, A world of desire, A world that lives within our skin.

Charm Rose Brand is all about exploring a world withiMusicus finding your center and fighting for your spot. Charm Rose Brand is a fighter and a believer within the arts. Her combat to pursue dreams, and never give up is a desire upon all ways of life.

I love working on a company where artist and creators are able to pursue their dreams. Where professional artist are able to be innovated, and challenge their mindset within the industry.

This Blog is all about exploring a world within the arts, and training your mind as an artist. Within the blog, I will be provide contents, materials, skills & knowledge, industry insights, and more. I am challenging myself to explore the industrys of Music, Dance, Fashion, Art, Theater, Writing, and Production.

Within these industry, I will challenge myself upon exploring the elements and creative sources as to evolve a creative world within the arts.

I am passionate towards my field and I love experimenting with the world around me. The greatest part about creativity is finding your center, and never giving up.

Welcome to Charm Rose Brand

Every Artist Deserves A Spotlight

The Charm Rose Brand blog is an entertainment of the arts and the elements within the talent industry. I wanted to create a blog where artist would be able to be expressive and gain a sense of pleasure within the artistic world.

I would like artist to be open and learn about the elements within the talent industry. Elements such as Music, Dance, Fashion, Art and others.

I would love to create a world where you could find something that’s entertaining, learning, knowledgeable, resourceful and more.

I create this blog as a creative environment that shows you a world within the talent industry, but in a different perspective, a different method, and a different direction.

Some of the contents I will include will be articles, books, learning, projects, insights, and more.

So why did I create Charm Rose Brand?

Ever since I was a young child, I was always fascinated with creating my own world within the arts. I grew up, watching Disney Channel and it would always inspire me to be the artistic soul I am today.

I would always have a curiosity for the talent industry, and everything about it.

So as crazy as I can be, I would always imagine these scenarios in my head as a creative soul and dancing to music where I would imagine myself on a real stage and just be the star.

Charm Rose Brand is a portal as to allow an artist to be a star within their own worlds. That’s what the blog is about, finding your ability to connect in this world as a creative leader. A way to learn and grasp the idea of being an artist.

Growing up, we are given a gift, and overtime we grow as to learn elements down the road. I created the channel as a creative loophole. That expresses your gift and allows you to be creative as you make life unbeatable.

Charm Rose Brand

Charm Rose Brand is a creative soul and a spontaneous character. She won’t allow rejection to defeat her, she won’t allow life to bring her down, she won’t allow negativity to become her barrier. She stands up as the hero and listens to her heart.

Music became her inspiration at a young age and now she’s ready to be the hero of her own world. She never gives up; she never backs down.

When an opportunity arrives, Charm is the first one on the scene and gives life a winning chance.

The creative space is her connection upon life itself.

Blogs Purpose

The blogs purpose is to encourage artist of any type of artistic fields to go after their dreams and be creative hero’s. A way of expression, A way to never forget where they stand in life, A way to know that their voice matter’s.

The blog is a channel where you’ll be able to be trained, taught, and develop your skills as an industry artist.

I may not be the famous musician, but I always wanted to use my knowledge as to increase my creativity and ambition.

At this point, I’m working on gaining experience within the talent industry and work hard upon bring fresh material to the blog.

The blogs purpose is to connect artist to an artistic world within a creative environment upon innovation.

Contents & Meanings

Blog Post

This page is going to include creative blogs such as topics, talents, creative works, research, insights within the talent industry, reviews and more.

Creative World

This page is going to include a space to show what talent defines and its views thru the works of artist. I am going to use the works of artist to create an expressive channel within the artistic piece. Also, I am going to creative projects that are both creative and enduring within the works itself.

Express Station

This page is going to include books that are filled with contents such as the talent industry, creative stories, studio, business books and more

Learning Platforms

This page is going to include information within the industry upon skills and knowledge as an artist. Mostly anything informative and insightful. I will include lessons and others as to use it to teach.

Spotlight Studio

This page is going to include a creative studio within a place where artist are able to engage and be nurtured. A place filled with programs and courses within teachings.

Artistic Views

This page is going to include articles within creative inspiration of successful artist and their ability to gain a sense of direction thru their stories.

Brand Innovation

This page is going to be a projection stage where I’ll be able to use projects to challenge your minds thru an artistic innovated soul.


This page is going to be an entertainment channel that’s filled with creative source, updates, stories, news and others within the talent industry.

Charms Corner

This page is going to be a space where I’ll be able to be expressive within my own creative words and innovate articles with a twist. I’ll be able to make sources such as topics, discussion, tips, how to and more.

Retail Store (Coming soon)

Talent City

This page is going to a center within the world of talent upon the artistic city. For example, “The life of a performer”, “The elements of what it takes to be in fashion”

Business City

This page is going to a center within the world of business upon industry insight. “what is happening behind the industry” and your preparations.

Creative Express

This page is going to be representing my company and creative articles that will represent my purpose.

Inspiration & Lifestyle

This page is going to be about different types of topics I will discuss and its research.

Goals & Dreams

This page is going to be about the journey upon goals and dreams. Stories of artist who became successful and conquered the challenges ahead.

Arts Innovation

This page is going to be about level challenges I will give as to expand your creativity and challenge yourselves as artist

Charm News

This page is going to be a news channel


This page is going about fun stuff such as stories, trivia, facts and more.

Please stay tuned as Charm Rose Brand will be your go-to girl within the arts.

My Background

As a young child, I loved growing up within the arts and being able to express myself in every way. At a young age, my parents got a divorce and I loved them in every way. My family meant everything to me, and I appreciate the fact of how supportive they were of my dreams and goals. My dad’s name is David, my mother’s name is Ana, my brother’s name is Eliasser, my sister’s name is Reyna, my stepsister’s name is Gelissanets, and my brother who pass away as an infant is Yassel.

My names Rosselin and I am a creative entrepreneur within the arts. I am a student at UMASS Lowell studying Business Management and Entrepreneurship. Growing up, I always centered myself around creativity and the arts. I loved watching Disney Channel and being able to nurture my mind within a different world. I had experiences such as open mics, performances, gospel choir, volunteering at the YMCA as a music teacher, recording on pro tools, writing and composing my own lyrics and even performing with a group of friends as a child.

My goal is to attend Berklee College of Music and pursue a graduate’s degree in Music Business. Also, get my PH. D in Leadership and Education.

I am within the works of developing a company where an artist will be able to be creative and be nurtured within the business fields. I have been developing a creative method that has never been invented, my passionate roots are strong.