How to Prepare as an Artist?

How to Prepare Yourself as An Artist?

Every artist has potential, and an ability to find wings within itself. The art of preparation is a power within the Music Industry.

The power to build a dream.

The power to make things happen.

But most importantly, the power to build and be stronger together.

As a community of artists, we must connect and be able to prepare within the moment.

As an artist and a creative spirit, you got to build the essentials of your music and your career. When you are in the studio, you gotta work with producer and be able to expand your music within every horizon.

You gotta breathe and take charge of your destiny. Do not allow negativity to drain your spirit.

The only influencer is you, and where you wanna be.

The key preparation within the world of music

  1. Writing and producing songs
  2. Composing pieces of art
  3. Practicing instruments and being able to practice every day
  4. Understand the Music Industry, and the concept of music.
  5. Gaining experience within the field and being able to challenge yourself as a performer.
  6. Performances and booking gigs
  7. Working and negotiating contracts with Music Corporation that are offering you a deal.
  8. Working with Music Agents and being able to strengthen your skills
  9. Connecting with your audience and delivering music love.

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Preparation as an artist

Contents & Introduction

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1)       Tools and essentials as a professional artist

2)       Empowerment speech upon deserving a dream

3)       Training and skills upon experience and performance

4)       An insight into what the music industry really is

5)       Insight upon the studio and recordings as a professional artist

6)       The creation of a product within innovation

7)       World of media and entertainment

8)       Retail markets and product production

9)       Performing and insights

10)     Social platforms and reputation

11)     Tips and advice

12)     Finally, resources

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Artist Preparation & Development

Pick up the thrill and revive your spirit. Within the Music Industry, you must evolve.

Working with an artist, performing on stage, it is a living dream. We all wish we had…

1)       The essential tools as an artist

Working your way as a musician is a hard bargain, and it is not easy. Climbing ladders, finding opportunities. Can we admit, it is a deal-breaker?

So, what tool do you need as an artist?

A voice, an instrument, a knowledge within music essentials, experience, and further analysis of how the industry works.

Yes, it can take time, but if you commit and take charge.

Music wings itself.

Within the business, you need to research and network with music prodigies, professionals, and musicians.

You need to compose and write upon your passion and endurance.

Key knowledge as an artist

Reading and Practicing music is a big deal within the industry.

2)       Preparing yourself as an artist

Coordination is the key and theory is the captivate of the soul. You need to practice every day and gain knowledge as you expand your mindset. The amount of time you need, 1 to 3 hours of practice would be the key to success.

As an artist, you need to grasp the notes and key styles within lyrics. You need to understand the process of how to work with an artist and match their vocalization.

Understand the key elements of negotiating a contract, agreements, and even working with management.

You need to understand the process of retails and the direction of your brand. Driving customers to your website and being able to experience your music.

Step out and be the artist.

3)       Skills & Knowledge

Like always, every artist has the ambition to step out and rock the stage. A line of skillset and a brain of knowledge within the potential.

Take every advantage as to never give up and find your true spirit.

Skills, a roaring line of the 1920s

Musical abilities are an important part of the Music Industry, what type of skills do I refer too?

Preparing yourself as the artist by understanding the notes and reading such as chords, intervals, rhythm, pitch, and tones.


Songwriting, composition, aura notes, theory-practice, recording and studio insights, music production, band formation, and more.

4)       Sources of the instrument and practices

Every Rockstar deserves to jam and rock the stage with much ambition. If you have or desire any kind of instrument, take chances, and do not stop. Perform your heart out and captivate the audience with much energy.

5)       Resources & Opportunity

As an artist, you will account for many resources and opportunities. Climbing the ladder is a challenge, but finding opportunities is a gift. Some companies that relate to the music industry would include Sony Music Entertainment, Live Nation, and even BMI.

6)       Performance Development

As a performer, developing your skills is essential within mastering efficiency. Some areas would include training your voice, practicing your techniques and coordination, working with management and being efficient, experiencing the stage, and expressing your ability.

Every Star Deserves A Dream

1)       Dream Explosion

           With much love and deepest thought, what do you desire most like a dream? What do you desire most as an opportunity? Sometimes, we fear what is ahead and get caught up within our own mind.

Find what makes you happen and just take a chance

2)       Opportunity & Sources

Within the world of arts, many opportunities exist

Working on the album, starting a band, entering competitions, premiering a music video, gaining sponsorships, submitting a song to an agency

If you believe, then it will happen

3)       Encouragement

As an artist, you have the strength to make it happen and be proud of yourself as a hero. If the thought of fear ever breaks you down, then do not quit and act.

4)       Competition & Risk

Within the world of music, there will always be competitors or those who will knock you down. Just because they are more skilled, does not mean you have to be defeated by their action. Your strength and power will motivate others.

Risk it all and take a chance to finally be free to chase your dreams.

5)       Quote

Believe in a greater dream

Spotlight Skills & Keys

1)       Benefits of training as an artist

Any artist can find its way, upon a performance, a line or theater, or even a crowd of chimps. Benefits are a greater way of viewing the world. But sometimes, opening your eyes to a greater spot of opportunities is what matters.

2)       Music & Business skills

As an artist, music & business skills are an important factor when becoming a perform. As a performer, you would manage everything that involves music within learning and experience. But within the business, you must learn how to embrace the real deal within the industry.

3)       Performance & Gig Experience

Every performer deserves a spotlight, and as you experience the magic. You experience something greater. Go to venues, concerts, open mics, auditions, gigs, anything that will achieve your dreams to the next level.

4)       Key Barriers

You will face many barriers, many situations that will block your way to success. Never allow the thought of negativity, craziness, or mistakes decision to ever defeat who you are.

Every person deserves a hero.

Barriers within the music can be challenging, but your heart is strong than your mind.

5)       Band Formation

Contribute and audition, practice, and take a step forward. Working with a band is a step in the right direction, and you will gain a family and a new life ahead.

What Is the Music Industry?

1)       World of Music Industry

Within the music industry, you have to learn how to work with producers, connect with artists, gain opportunities within the field, market your work, stream through websites that will sell, negotiate deals, contracts, and more.

2)       Product Performance

Within the market, products need to be top-notch and of higher quality. They must provide efficiency and be able to stand out within the market. By efficiency, I mean design, brand, photo, songs, copyrights, trademarks, and more.

3)       Management

As an artist, it is an important factor to have management and a support team that will lead you towards success. A manager, an agent, a marketing associate, a producer, and even an assistant.

4)       Studio Preparation

Working in the studio is a long process and it can take days to develop a song. Working beats, melody, rhythm, coordination, software, band coordination, instruments, and so much more.

5)       Music Evolution

Every industry deserves a standard ovation upon expectations and creative ability. The world of music is an empowerment spot and we need to work hard to succeed upon the next spot. Music evolution is our way to become instant ROCKSTARS

          Studio & Recording

1)       Studio

The minute you arrive at the studio, you must be ready to rock the stage at every moment.

Checking your equipment, adjust your mic and sound system. Rehearsing your songs, adjusting voice control with producers.

Music preparation within the studio is an important deal.

2)       Recording

Steps to recording an album within the studio and developing the structure

As you and your team prepare the tracks. There are 4 main steps, working on the track and beat within the song. Recording the rhythm through the instruments, recording the structure of harmony and melody. As well as making sure the vocalist the band know the coordination of the song.

3)       Product Development

The basic measures of building the product of what you want to sell is a long process. Some areas would include searching for your target audience, locating your product niche, finding the team that is right for you upon management, sales, and recordings. Be able to promote your product through social media platforms and others.

4)       Sales & Performance

Within the sales market, who are you trying to reach. Would it be the younger generation, the millennials, adults? When producing an album and trying to expand within the sales market for high performance, always know your market and the rest will come into place.

Product Innovation

1)       Creative Idea

Innovating your product is an important step, especially within creativity and constructing an idea. When coming up with an idea, develop a story through your music, think of a moment in your life where you felt happy, your first love, your most haunting experience, your transformative inspiration. Build a song through your own story and it will develop through the chords.

2)       Process & Development

Within the process, you must be able to trust the system of preparing an album that has quality, high efficiency, and most importantly control. The main steps are Preparation, Team of experts, sales, online networks and opportunities, gigs and performances, productivity, and event bookings.

3)       Musical & Composition

The greatest tool as an artist is being able to compose and write your own songs. Within a song structure, you must be able to direct it right. What do I mean? The verse, chorus, rhythm, melodies, tempo, range and so much more.

Also writing the notes and using the instrument as a guide within the preparation.

4)       Record Agency & Recording Industry

When submitting an album, you must make sure that each song is catchy and trendy to sell. The album must contain some elements when submitting the album: Album cover, 20 to 15 songs, copyrights and trademarks, story and a portfolio with pictures, website, performance backgrounds, and more.

The more you expand yourself as a musician, the more you will expand.

5)       Marketing & Sales

Sales and Marketing are an important factor when growing a business as an artist. You must be able to work with people and grow your network as much as possible. Some areas would include social media, promotions, advertisement, performances, appearances, and more.

          Media & Entertainment

1)       World of Entertainment

Performing your heart out is a simple key to a brighter direction. The key to creativity, The key to performance, and the key to love. When you perform, you gotta show the audience a story, and a live showcase

2)       Performance

Within performance, creativity is key to a brand-new future. If you want to make it in this world, then reinvent your image and your brand, create a video that has meaning and potential. Create a video that has a soul and shows your unique sense of love within yourself.

3)       Social Reputation

Within a brand, your reputation is an important element and it defines who you are as an artist. Keeping a professional and stable reputation will give empathy to your brand. It takes one shot to impress somebody, it takes one shot to show your potential.

4)       Media & Marketing

The most important step when making yourself known as an artist is constantly marketing your gift through any sense of media outlet. Whether its social media, marketing,

5)       Sponsorship

As an artist, you must get sponsorship as to boost your brands

Retail & Style

1)       Retail Market

Within innovation, creating a product is a way of setting an idea within your brand. Some ideas would include music, posters, clothing, and others. Another method is to work with the public and increase your odds of selling.

2)       Submission & Requirement

As you submit a record or product to agencies, companies, or other types of retail sources. Make sure to follow the requirements that are necessary upon submissions.

Working with companies will help you boost sales and be able to develop your brand upon better views.

3)       Market & Sales

A product that has a higher quality and a better need within the market. Has a higher chance of selling within quantities. You must bring a huge attraction to the industry to make it efficient.

4)       Performance Boost

Be creative and be innovative within the performance of your gift and knowledge.

World of Performance

Writing songs and being prepared, it shows a lot of endurance to make dreams happen. You never know what you are capable of, you never what you’re willing to do. But sometimes, striving towards a dream is a better edge.

Within performance, your song must connect with the audience, your lyrics must speak upon every range.

Develop your gift, manage your career, and work with people who are going to help you as you develop upon the next step.

Social Platform

Social media is a big step and it will help you develop your brand. But something about Social Media can be a great way to innovate your gift, but it can also be a bit risky.

Within the media and channel, display your brand professionally and always be willing to respect others and the community.

If you have a strong creative approach, that is what is going to help you expand your brand.

Tips & Advice

Be a performer and a creative artist

Do not fear the world and what it has

Work hard and invest your time properly

Work with others and contribute upon gift

Take advantage of opportunities

Avoid haters and negativity

Focus on your career and being able to inspire others.

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