Creative Development


Creative Development

Charm Rose Brand

Breaking away from what happened, and how I was feeling, became a struggle in my life. I am glad to be strong, to be fearful, and be able to breathe.

Sometimes, you must understand that love will center you in every movement. The truth, people did not understand what I was going through, people did not understand what I was feeling. But being able to walk away from the trauma became my biggest fight.

For 10 years, I did not know who I was, or who I wanted to be. I was being pulled upon situations within my ex-friend’s acts, and I did not want to relive what I went through.

Being able to turn 30 in a few months and being able to restart my life. I am blessed by God to not suffer those horrific memories upon their acts. I am blessed by God to not think about my life being swept through the drain.

Within their eyes, I was not respected nor loved. Within their voice, I was nothing but a joke, and somebody who they believed, they had the right to embarrass in front of others. Within their views, I was not given much opportunity to be human and myself.

But the greatest part about reaching out and finally breaking through. Being able to develop my strength, mindset, and soul.

I am thankful to be around people who appreciate and admire me as a human. I am thankful to be around people who fill me with positivity and love. I am thankful to be around a school that believes in my education and a dean that is willing to get me on the right track. I am thankful to have counselors that are helping me fight through what happened. I am thankful for having a part-time job that helps me raise money to finish my classes. Since my financial aid got cut off due to the acts of my ex-friend who dehumanized me and made my semesters a living hell.

I am thankful to be transformative and relive the creative woman I was back then.

I am thankful to work on my health and be able to work on losing weight.

The many reasons, I wake up with happiness, the many reasons I wake up with love. The many I wake up and recognize the horrific events are over.

Would I ever want to invite my ex-friends back into my life?

They are not anything worth fighting, I am centered in a good position and working on graduating next year with my bachelor and diploma as an administrative assistant.

Moving forward, I rather build myself and transform into a creative woman. I rather learn and evolve within knowledge, activities, and be able to work in an actual job. I want to work on developing the company that I dreamed about when I was 20 years old. I want to be with somebody who is worth being my hero, and supporting me as I work hard for a brighter dream.

That’s the greatest gift about creative development

Finding yourself and the key to love

Charm Rose Brand