Dreams & Negative Energy

I have a Facebook Fan Page name Charm Express.  Everyday, I work on my vision as to start a company and a brand. Years back, I was on track to start this dream. But a toxic crowd that I was associated with, did some childish act that really brought  me into a dark depression.
Why do I bring this topic and my dream up.
I didnt like this recommendation on my page and I knew exactly who was doing this.
I created this video as to talk about it and what my dreams mean to me.
This is not part of my brand. But I wanted to make this discussion public and respect myself as a person who just broke out of a depression and has the the ability to restore her dreams and be proud of where she stands at this point.
But most importantly,  never give these people power over myself nor my soul as a leader who wants to make a change in this world.
The people who have committed childish acts upon me, were doing everything in their power to destroy my vision and my brand for years.
But I never allowed them to destroy me or what I’m doing.
Publishing the video is a way of showing, that my power can never be destroyed.
Please watch the video
Thank youhttps://youtu.be/diYmfWVSvx4

The article of what happened back in 2018 and 2019



Thank You for giving me Closure

The greatest gift of moving forward is receiving the gift of forgiveness and being able to come back and be somebody in this world.
I appreciate the fact of receiving that appoligie and giving closure upon what happened.
It makes me happy to finally breathe and be able to come back to the workforce with a new vision and insight.
I’m glad to heal and never allow my past to ever disrupt my future.
Thank you for giving me the appoligies that could give me closure from the past

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