Rise of Potential

person standing in front of fire


Rise of Potential

Every voice has a key to never give up; every voice has a key to build strength upon what’s next. Every instinct of music shouts upon our legacy to take action, and never fear the world ahead.

Sometimes we gotta be brave,

Sometimes we gotta be strong.

Music is our focus point towards a talent that expresses like no other.

Our innovation speaks as to be creative, to take leaps, and not look back.

Our risk is a movement and to find clarity. We have to be ready towards what comes next.

At a young age, I wasn’t ready to go after my dreams as a singer.

I kept thinking

“what do I need to prepare?”

“what do I need as to show my potential upon music?”

But the course in my life was nothing but wrong direction upon complications that were endless.

You know…

It’s not easy starting out at 29 years old and trying to give myself the opportunity that I left behind 10 years ago. But that’s the following of life, even though things didn’t happen the way you imagine.

Maybe a second chance is all you need as to revive your dreams…..

As an artist, we have a story and a showcase as to perform our inner works. Always remember that the road is near and what may come next may surprise you.

Influence yourself to rock out, influence yourself to be different…..

Life will appear as a road of music

But it’s your decision as to what you wanna do in life

Rock Out


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