Artistic Love


Photo by Rowan Chestnut on Unsplash

Artistic Love

Every artist has wings, every artist has a voice.

Our voice simplifies a simple movement of love and value.

Spur out the trade, Spur out the voices.

We have our own language; we have our own dignity.


Photo by Dane Deaner on Unsplash

As an artist, our job is to create a movement within the music. To be bold within the stage itself, to be empowered and never stop believing in our dreams.

Sometimes, life brings dedication.

But as long as we benefit within our community and write songs that have meaning. That’s the real value of love.

We might be afraid to reach out, we might be afraid to take leaps. But within the Music Industry, we have a voice, and we are the leaders that are going to make a difference.

Don’t expect life to build you down, don’t expect critiques to diminish your spirit. Everybody has a door, and it will open with time. But sometimes, life is a story built with walls, and quest.

You have to make the leap, and never be enchanted by the fear of taking off.

What Advice Do I Give to My Community of Artists?

Don’t give up, never breakdown, and take the shot at any age.

That’s why we exist, our music is a story that helps others along the way.

If you have any idea upon writing a song, think about the message, and where it might lead.

As a creative entrepreneur, I wanna be your voice and show you that potential does exist.

So be a leader and reach out to your community. Work with the artist, network with professionals, and always take chances.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure that out

As a creative entrepreneur, I struggled in many ways. I took a risk, I took Leaps. But I didn’t understand where I belonged. Music and Business were my main passion.

I learned a valuable lesson “If you want to be a leader, then show the world your real value within creativity”

Everybody always wants to be the best. But sometimes, being the best is not good enough.

Let your wings take flight, let your heart lead with desire.

Writing lyrics and composing songs are a natural beat. It brings our true value as inspiring as we can be.

I would love to contribute a story that helps me discover my passion and open my eyes once again.

Growing up I was a fan of Disney and I always grew up watching Disney Channel. I would watch Lizzie McGuire, That’s So Raven, Movies, Short Comedies, and More. I would dance and Sing to Disney Radio. I dance nonstop in my living room and sing every song from Disney.

What empowers my skin with Disney?

The potential of rising out and lifting your creativity with every step of joy.

That’s the value of an Artistic Love, Reaching your dreams and so much more

Thank you

Charm Rose Brand

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