Charm Blog #2 Artistic Empowerment

allef-vinicius-bwdRPDr-aHU-unsplash                                                  Photo by Allef Vinicius on Unsplash

Charm Blog #2
Artistic Empowerment
Welcome to Charm Rose Brand
Expanding our knowledge within the soul of an artist, Expanding our desire within the treasure of an island….

When you dance, when you sing……
Do you feel the beat of a rhythmic tempo?

Every artist has a sentimental intuition to discover themselves within the musical genes. The goal of empowerment is to never give up on what you desire most.
The goal of empowerment is to chase your dreams and take advantage of what’s next.

In life, music will always be our connection, music will always be our ability to find hope, strength, and dignity.
Every passion has its roots, every passion has its desire.

But when you perform on stage, do you feel connected, do you feel a movement that balances through your body.

That’s the greatest lesson about the Music Industry, you don’t have to be afraid to express yourself. As a musician, you take charge and commitment of your expectations within the industry.
You have to gain knowledge and show this world that your voice matters most.

Life has brought us so many legends, Life has brought us so many creative aspects. But if you find that desire, that’s so hard to control.
Music is your best shot as to release the inner diva that lies inside of you.

Artistic empowerment
Its all about expressing yourself as an artist.
Its all about finding your key center, and never giving up
You need to breathe, you need to search deep inside, and ask yourself “What is my gift?”
If you ask yourself
“Why was I born with a gift?”
“Why am I creative?”
“Why was I given this purpose?”
That’s the big answer that lies in our hearts
But if somebody ask me to give them answer
“I would say “You were chosen”


Today’s Challenge

Let’s imagine….
You are performing for a big crowd, it’s your big night, everybody is waiting for you to perform.
Big question
“What do you do?”

First of all
Breathe, and close your eyes, think about your happy place….
Stop thinking about the amount of people in the crowd….
Stop thinking about the worst….

Do you see that paper that’s filled with direction, do you see that paper that has a coordination of the songs?


Think about your happy place and express yourself within your own fantasy. Think about the joy, think about the love, Think about the direction.
Play the performance as a movie, and only imagine yourself on that very stage.

As long as you role play the performance within your happy place, you will be able to empower yourself within the World of an Artist.

Never Stop Believing in Your Potential….

A passionate root that lies within our hearts, A passionate roots that’s thick and enduring within the Music Industry.

Within the Music Industry, the works of an artist is an important root within expectations and responsibility.
Empower yourself to find your own creative strategy….
Empower yourself to believe that anything possible…
Always keep upbeat within the industry…
Always find a balance upon the entertainment and real life.

Most Importantly
Find something that connects you towards your purpose
-A childhood letter
-A photo
-A necklace
-A watch
As long as you have that root within your heart, the road of empowerment becomes much deeper. Every artist deserves a chance, every artist deserves an opportunity.

Creative Style Root Projects

Within this section…
I will give you some idea’s of what you can use as to empower yourself as an artist. I want you to be creative, I want you to find your space, and discover your potential….

Let’s make the magic happen…

• Freestyle a song and work on developing your ability within the tempo
• Find a spot, and work on a lyric that’s inspiring
• Reach out of your element and take a trip to an 1800s museum
• Stare at a portrait, and think about the story
• Exercise or do yoga
• Paint a portrait, and let your body take control
• Work with an artistic group and contribute
• Write a book, or even a magazine
• Visit your favorite city, and relax for a week
• Take a day off work, and play your instrument within a special location
• Gather with your friends, and do something adventurous
• Spend time with family, and your loved ones
• Stop spending for one day, and take a walk thru the park
• Find a stage, and sing your heart out
• Try out a creative activity, put technology aside for one day
• Build a puzzle, Walk your pet

In life, there are many reasons to be creative.
Many reasons to be unique.
But the greatest gift as an artist is to transform your mind, and your capacity to never forget where you stand. Sometimes, life may take many challenges within the direction that we pursue.
But within the industry, music is our connection as to discover a world that’s much brighter.

Don’t allow, the barriers to break….
Don’t allow, the barriers to break who you are…

Within the industry, you will face many points of stress. Within the industry, you will face many challenges of what might come next.

But never be afraid to find your balance, develop your skills in every ability. Develop your intuition, within every knowledge.
Its all about expanding your wings as an artist and knowing the fact that you exist.

Artistic empowerment
Evolves within our skin, evolves within our ability to perform and never give up.
But that’s the greatest key about the Music Industry, there are many great benefits as to take control and rise what’s next.

Never think about the negative
Just know, that your dreams matter in every way

Who ever blocks your view, doesn’t understand your potential? But make every choice as a key to a new center.

New doors will open, New doors will expand….
As long as you work hard, your career will move up…

Be a hero
Artistic empowerment, lies within you

Charm Rose Brand


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