Charm Blog #1: Start A New Chapter


Charm Blog #1

Starting Out A New Chapter

Every artist deserves a chance to spread their wings, every artist deserves a chance to find talent within themselves.

Every morning I rise up, as to thank god for another day. We live in a world filled with opportunities, we live in a world filled with desire, and strength.

As a musician, the talent industry is a gateway to embrace your voice within every aspect love can give.

It’s a tough market, but if you commit every day, and give it 100%. Life will change and be greater than in the next step.



Photo by Nolan Issac on Unsplash



Photo by CapDfrawy on Unsplash


Its all about empowerment within ourselves, its all about motivation within our skins.

The rhythmic sound of a rolling stone….

The air drum of a beat that vibrates within your skin….

Starting out a new chapter….

It’s a quest waiting to be discovered, but as long as you have the tools and resources within the preparation.

The road will be long, but worth every minute life can give.

Every person has a talent, every person has a note that’s ringing in their ear. Make a statement, and don’t let it diminish you….

My whole life, I been rejected from many opportunities. I only went far beyond the movement of which life took me. but I had roadblocks within those days of my life.

I never let REJECTION, beat my soul upon all evil.

When REJECTION follows my life, I pursue the greatest keys and follow my mission.

Within talent, a musician has a chance to rebuild, and follow their path. A musician has a chance to connect and recreate their spotlight as a wide feature.

In life, we all need to believe in success, and what it brings.

We all need to overbear REJECTION, and never give up as a creative soul, a creative entrepreneur, and a creative leader.

For 10 years, I gave Rejection my desire to give up. I gave Rejection my power to fall apart. I gave Rejection my ambition to fail, and never believe in myself.

Why did I believe in Rejection?

Cause I didn’t believe life could get any better….

Cause I didn’t believe life had a future for me.

Music became my survival, and my hope to never stop believing that life could change….

But I move forward and give the rest of my life at 29 years old. A road of success down the line.

I gave myself a chance to fail in life, and become worthless of the drama, and failed memories.

But moving forward…

I give myself the ability to turn my life around and rise towards a better dream.

Starting out, and embracing a world of talent is a challenge and an unspeakable desire.

But maybe, that’s the greatest fight

Music empowers our skin to fight and be brave within the world of music.

Whatever opportunity that comes across within the Talent Industry, take the advantage, and rise up within a leap of faith. Rise up and change every corner of this world.

Study the books, learn the instruments, attend the training seminars, or even find a coach.

That’s why starting a new chapter within music is a great tool.

It embraces our ability to become musicians of a greater effect….

When you wake up in the morning, what do you feel like doing?

Do you feel like playing the piano?

Writing a set of lyrics and matching the notes….

Do you call your friends over and jam out within a set of instruments…?

The feel of beat, The feel of touch, and Movement…

That’s why a future in the industry is a great asset. Showing your passion and striving towards SUCCESS….

What I learned about the World of Music

You never stop fighting towards a dream, or your ability to become the hero. So many artists within the Music Industry….

They sacrifice so much, they work so hard, they put long hours into rehearsal, practice, and coordination.

That’s a life, I always dreamed of….

But never had the ability to fight….

Fighting a dream is a challenge and the risk of what might come next.

But within the Music Industry, you have to prepare yourself and set goals along the way. If you don’t prepare yourself and follow your goals as a career choice. Years later, life will become difficult, and a challenge to face.

We only have one life to live,

we only have one life to commit towards the greatest strength.

As a creative entrepreneur, and a passionate lover of music.

I learned the lessons as I grew up….

I learned the lessons of Dos and Don’ts….
Discover your passion and dont hold back

Last year 2018, I always dreamed of wanting to Audition for American Idol, and I had the opportunity to make it towards the audition. The audition was in Boston.

I wanted to perform on that stage more than anything, be ready to give my dream one last shot.

But within that moment, I was working at Walmart, and I couldn’t take a day off work because of a point system that could terminate my record.

If I quit my job at Walmart, I wouldn’t have enough to pay the bills nor the important expenses.

So even though, I wanted to audition for American Idol….

I was trap at a job that I wasn’t happy and couldn’t leave within that time frame.

So, I stayed at my job and lost the last chance of Auditioning at American Idol.

That’s what I’m saying about a future within music…

You have to be careful with your life choices, you have to be careful with what you decide.

In music, you have to fight, and never stop believing in a dream.

If the world knocks you down, rise up, and live once again. Better opportunities will come along, better opportunities will appear.

Within the World of Music, start a new chapter, and create your own path.

Start a new chapter and be the star of your own world.

Never forget why were born

A star rises upon each star


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