Every Note Starts With A Message


Photo by Kareya Saleh on Unsplash

Every Note Starts With A Message

As a musician, our souls become the window that opens our minds. Our souls become the key that embraces our hearts.

When you play an instrument, you find a chord like no other. A chord that jumps and never repeats. How do you feel? What goes through your mind? Where do you go?

Within every beat, we have to think about the action, and where it drives. We have to think about the findings of where it means.

But sometimes, life can knock our barriers, upon where we stand, upon who we meet, or even where we go.

Challenges become unreal, stories become untold.

But the greatest part about living within music is knowing the fact that we never quit.

Creativity centers our mind and allows our souls to search for the answer. Some may be deep, some may be far. But it’s a melody that falls within the rhythm of the notes.

In every direction, a message is hidden and never forgotten. A note plays throughout an instrument and finds its center.

That’s the key of a message, finding the light that brings us together.

Charm Rose Brand