How my influential Role Model inspired me to go after my dream’s Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff

As a young child, did you ever have a Role Model?

Somebody who inspired you, Somebody who motivated you, Somebody who had a lasting impact on you.

Growing up, I was always a fan of Disney and everything about it. I love watching shows such as “Lizzie McGuire”, “That so Raven”, or even “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody”.

I was mostly obsessed with the shows growing up, and I would watch it constantly.

I would write stories, I would act out the scenes, even sing to my favorite songs. Disney was my childhood rollercoaster, and I loved every moment.

But growing up, There was a show that I loved more, and I always learned upon its lesson thru out the characters. The show that had a lasting impact on my life was the Disney Channel show “Lizzie McGuire”. The actress and singer Hilary Duff who played “Lizzie McGuire” was my life role model. I never met her, but I always admired her growing up.

Within the show “Lizzie McGuire”, Lizzie was playing a normal teen who had lived a normal life on the show. Within each episode, Lizzie would always have lessons that were helpful in real life.

Every time I watch the show, I always learned something that was positive, and creative. I always learned something that was helpful in certain situations.

In real life, I admired the actress Hilary Duff and everything about her. I admire her talent, I admire her enthusiasm, I admire her passion and love within the music. She inspired me, she motivated me every day.

I never stop believing in her, I never stop believing in my dreams,

That woman was my life role model.

As an artist, you have to be brave and find the greatest parts of life.

In every picture, In every scene

You are inspired to go after your dreams.

As an Artist, music became my salvation, and I always knew it was a true passion. Hilary Duff showed me the value of being myself, and never giving up.

Her music, Her voice, Her talent

So powerful

I praise the woman every day

Growing up, I always ask myself in certain situations

“What would Hilary Duff do?”

“What would Hilary Duff say”

Her advice and life lessons always taught me greater values as an artist. Life may bring challenges, but we have to learn how to keep moving, and never stop.

As an artist, a role model will inspire you, and motivate you as to never quit. A role model will be your guide and give you the push you need.

Why do we need a Role Model?

We combat many challenges in life, that are risky, crucial, or even temptatious. But sometimes, you need somebody to lean on. If nobody’s around.

You need somebody who will inspire you, You need somebody who will understand you.

In life, we need a role model for many reasons. But sometimes, those reasons can be a life-changing lesson.

As an artist, I was inspired to become a singer and go after my dreams. So even though, I valued Hilary Duff and her works. I discovered my talent as a unique gift, Thanks to the woman who inspired my life.

So how did I discover my gift?

An early morning, I was watching Disney Channel and I was listening to music videos. So as I laid in my bed, I notice Lassie my dog who decides to jump into my bed. She wants to cuddle and we decided to watch Disney shows.

So as we watch Disney Channel, I decide to go to the backyard and take a walk. My dog lassie decides to follow me as we walk outside. As I walk outside, I notice a window with iron steel built around the edge. The iron steel was built to prevent break-ins into the house.

Something started to appear in my mind, and crazy as it seems. I didn’t think it was possible, so I took a risk. Within my mind, I was thinking, and I had an idea to climb the window. It was risky and dangerous. But somehow, something kept telling me to do it.

So I told Lassie to be on guard, in case my mother appeared. My Golden Retriever was like a watchdog, and she made sure that the area was clear.

So I took a stand and climbed the window up to the flat ceiling surface with iron metals. As I got up to the roof, I was glad that I didn’t fall. But somehow, I worried about getting in trouble.

So as I got up to the roof, I started to sing, and couldn’t believe the vocals that were humming out of my mouth. I sang for hours and started to sing my own songs. I look out to the neighborhood and didn’t care who was watching.

That moment, felt like my very own spotlight.

Hilary Duff inspired me and showed me the greatest parts of life. Showed me that you have to be strong as an artist, and never let the fire beat you down.

Hilary Duff is the one woman I admire and adore with all my heart.

That’s the greatest part about being an artist is being able to find your center within creativity, inspiration, and musical endurance. Sometimes, we get lost and overjoyed by the things around us.

But within Music Business, we have a Role Model to influence our abilities to be strong leaders within musical skills. We have a Role Model to kick off our journey within a story. Within Music Business, every challenge is a step forward, but every move is a step towards the future.

A Role Model would either be a real figure, a celebrity, a family, a friend, or even somebody with a great story. You can learn, and adapt to their ability.

In life, a Role Model will change your life.

Charm Rose Brand

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