Song A Million Dreams

My dreams are a million and everyday I dreamed to become greater. Getting rejected in life became my biggest setback, because people didn’t think I had the ability to chase my dreams. But at this moment, I prove life wrong and I show this world that I can live my dreams and still be proud of the woman I am today.
I went thru so much over the years and I hid my talent. Because people believed I was a joke. I go after my dreams and I am taking a risk. I am taking a leap of faith.
This song “A Million Dreams” was in my head so many times I couldn’t get. Until I finally took the strength to write the song down.
My only message to the world and to the people who thought I wasnt good enough to go after my dreams.
I want the world to listen to my composed song “A Million Dreams”
I want yall to know why I’m so passionate within the arts and why I’m going after my dreams for all the right reasons. This is me singing my song “A Million Dreams”

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