Rise of Potential

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Rise of Potential

Every voice has a key to never give up; every voice has a key to build strength upon what’s next. Every instinct of music shouts upon our legacy to take action, and never fear the world ahead.

Sometimes we gotta be brave,

Sometimes we gotta be strong.

Music is our focus point towards a talent that expresses like no other.

Our innovation speaks as to be creative, to take leaps, and not look back.

Our risk is a movement and to find clarity. We have to be ready towards what comes next.

At a young age, I wasn’t ready to go after my dreams as a singer.

I kept thinking

“what do I need to prepare?”

“what do I need as to show my potential upon music?”

But the course in my life was nothing but wrong direction upon complications that were endless.

You know…

It’s not easy starting out at 29 years old and trying to give myself the opportunity that I left behind 10 years ago. But that’s the following of life, even though things didn’t happen the way you imagine.

Maybe a second chance is all you need as to revive your dreams…..

As an artist, we have a story and a showcase as to perform our inner works. Always remember that the road is near and what may come next may surprise you.

Influence yourself to rock out, influence yourself to be different…..

Life will appear as a road of music

But it’s your decision as to what you wanna do in life

Rock Out



I wanted to be clear about something

A couple month back, I talk about starting a company about developing artist and The Business.  Within that period, I was so excited to start it and I was at a good start.
Unfortunately,  I went through a tough situation that really affected Physically and emotionally upon being harrassed by people I trust.
Starting the company wasn’t an easy process within that period.
But right now, I wanted to be clear that I am restarting the company upon developing artist within the fields and business.  I am so happy to start moving this brand in the right direction.
Within working on my vision for this company,  I have to tackle alot of stuff within the process.
My goal is to start it up in two years, and I am going to be working within massive hours as to get it running.
I dont know upon what period it will be open. But I will put every strength as to make it happen.
Thank You for the support ❤

Artist Recognition Lexii Alijai RIP Beautiful Soul

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Brianna Sacks

News Reporter at Buzzfeed

The Hip-Hop Community Is Stunned After A Young Rapper Died Suddenly On New Year’s Day

Lexii Alijai, 21, was a rising star from Minnesota and known for her empowering lyrics and remixes.Updated on January 2, 2020, at 6:56 p.m. ETPosted on January 2, 2020, at 6:29 p.m. ET

Minnesota rapper Lexii Alijai, best known for her remixes and collaboration with artist Kehlani, died unexpectedly, her family announced on New Year’s Day.

The 21-year-old from St. Paul, whose full name is Alexis Alijai Lynch, had cultivated acclaim and a large, loyal following with her empowering lyrics and remixes, as well as her collaborations with artists like Elle Varner.

Details about her death were not immediately released.

A spokesperson for the St. Paul Police Department told BuzzFeed News that they “do not have any reports related to Ms. Lynch.” However, the artist’s family announced the news on Facebook Wednesday, calling her sudden death “a nightmare,” and told BuzzFeed News that Lynch had died on Wednesday.

“You’ve touched so many souls,” her cousin Raeisah Clark wrote. “Heaven better be good to you cause they lucky to have you.”

While her appearance on Kehlani’s 2015 single “Jealous,” which made it onto Billboard’s Top 40 and was part of a Grammy-nominated album, cemented her as a rising hip-hop star, Lynch had been creating original music and remixes since she was young.

She was “committed and dedicated” to her music and always “knew exactly what she wanted to be,” her cousin LaMycha Jett told BuzzFeed News on Thursday.Ad


Jett, who is 10 years older than Lynch, remembers babysitting her younger cousin and said watching her move up “on her way to the top” was an amazing experience.

“She was loving, caring, sweet, humble,” Jett said. “She gave hugs all the time and her departure words were always ‘I love you.’ She had a passion for art and creating writing. Alexis is beautiful inside and out.”

In 2014, Lynch officially released her first mixtape on her 16th birthday, Super Sweet 16’s. Two years later, she performed at the Soundset Music Festival alongside artists like Kendrick Lamar, Lizzo, Post Malone, and A$AP Rocky.

Her album Joseph’s Coat “showed off her Aaliyah-meets-Allan Kingdom, sing-songy rapper style and knack for writing about family, relationships and feminism,” the Star Tribune noted. And in 2017, she debuted her first full-length, 16-track project, Growing Pains.

While still in high school, the rapper went viral by rapping over songs like Drake’s “Girls Love Beyoncé,” Dej Loaf, 2Pac, Meek Mill, and Nas. Her clips on YouTube and SoundCloud have amassed millions of plays, views, and likes.

She posted frequently on Twitter and Instagram, where she had nearly 87,000 followers combined, and was active right before she died, showing no signs that anything might be wrong. On the morning of Dec. 31, she tweeted happy birthday to David Ali, Kehlani’s manager, and later that evening shared a New Year’s memory from 2013.

“Stayin in the crib as usual on New Years…lont do parties. I hope everyone has fun, be safe!” the artist wrote years ago and then reposted on Facebook Tuesday with the praying hands emoji.

On Wednesday, fans filled her last posts with messages of hurt, shock, and remembrance. Over and over, they wrote “gone too soon.”

Also stunned by the news of her death, hip-hop artists took to social media to share emotional tributes celebrating Lynch’s talent and character, mourning the loss of a musician who was only just beginning.

In her remembrance, Kehlani posted photos of herself and the young rapper, writing how “sick,” “angry,” and heartbroken she was.

“You got my heart on the floor right now lex,” she said. “You were such a star to me because every word you spoke was true. every word you wrote was honest…You was supposed to go take over the world lex. you was supposed take home the trophies and hang the plaques up.”

Instagram: @undefined

Bas, a well-known Sudanese American rapper from New York, expressed his shock and sadness on Twitter. Lynch had opened for Bas last year during his Milky Way tour.

“It was an honor to know you, work with you, and be a mentor to you,” Elle Varner wrote.

According to her family, her death was sudden and unexpected. Clark, her cousin, was the first to publicly announce the news on Wednesday.

“Your a real Legend🎼 if you know her or heard her music you’d feel chills😔,” she posted on Facebook. “Rest in paradise you’ll never be forgotten!👼🏽 I’m so lost for words…my beautiful cousin with so much talent & Unique soul Lexii Alijai It’s too soon💔”

Family was “everything to her,” Jett, Lynch’s other cousin, said. She grew up surrounded by talented musicians, including her grandfather, Roger Troutman, who fronted the funk band Zapp, and her father, Roger Troutman Jr., who recorded for Capitol records. Both men died when she was a baby.

Growing up, Lynch made sure to attend family functions “when she could” and spend time with her little cousins, who adored her, Jett said.

She also loved to play basketball and write, her cousin added, but her purpose and passion was music.

“She touched so many lives through her music,” Jett said. “Alexis has a beautiful soul. She is a young legend. She knew exactly what she wanted to be.”

Brianna Sacks is a reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in Los Angeles.

Contact Brianna Sacks at brianna.sacks@buzzfeed.com.

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Artist Spotlight #2 Rachel Kerr



Artist Spotlight #2
Rachel Kerr

An artist of experience and living roots within the Caribbean.
Rachel Kerr is a symbol of love, passion, and endurance within a single beat.
Her music speaks in every way and enriches the lives of potential artist upon speaks.

A Grammy Winning Artist that has spice within The Caribbean Roots.

Rachel Kerr is a Multi Winning Recording Artist with a lot of endurance upon skin. Her most popular song has just been release “Lover, Lover”
Available on Spotify and Apple.

Rachel Kerr Words
“It’s taken me a while, but I have used all of my unique experiences, my Caribbean roots, my love for live instrumentation, my appreciation of retro soul and my inspirational lyrics and blended it to create my unique sound. A sound I couldn’t be any prouder of. A sound that is unapologetically me.”

Information about Her Success

Rachel Kerr Success
“On September 13th, 2019 Rachel Kerr released her new single ‘Lover Lover’ from her upcoming debut album (set to be released in spring 2020).

Her last single ‘Alive’ garnered 100,000s of streams from Spotify and Apple Music and even caught the attention of Sam Smith who posted the song to his social media. ‘Alive’ also received a GRAMMY Award consideration in 2018.

‘Lover Lover’ is Rachel’s follow up single. The song’s vibrant up-tempo instrumentation with live brass meets contemporary Caribbean inspired drums- an ode to her Caribbean heritage. ‘Lover Lover’ like all of Rachel’s songs are self-penned, celebrating the beauty of a love free from drama, carnality and stress – ultimately a superior love that gives peace.

In 2018 Rachel Kerr headlined her sold-out show at The O2 Islington with her 9-piece band. Her two-hour set of original material showed fans what to expect for her upcoming debut album.

After spending 2015-2017 touring the US, Africa and Europe opening for the likes of Lauryn Hill and Brandy, few singers can also boast personal invitations to sing for the Former US President and UK Prime Minister, but Rachel Kerr is one. After the success of her debut and sophomore EPs ‘Back to Music’ and ‘Getting Started’, Rachel has spent subsequent years honing in her sound. A sound set to establish her as a leading force in music.

Rachel’s powerful vocals and inspirational lyrics have often had audiences battling as to what genre she belongs to. However, the singer’s 2016 mixtape entitled ‘Unboxed’ was more than her third studio release title, but her response to the ongoing debate. The mixtape received rave reviews

“UK songstress Rachel Kerr … displays her amazing vocal prowess on “UnBoxed”, … Showcasing on music beds from the hottest joints out on the airwaves now, Kerr delivers a magical presentation on each song.” (Hype Magazine)

With influences in soul, r&b, gospel and reggae ‘Lover Lover’ showcases the singer’s sonic fluidity and ability to transcend the limitations of a boxed, singular musical genre.”

Charm Article
Grammy Winning Artist
Rachel Kerr

Spice up the Grammy with a lot of flavor. Music, Rhythm, and Pop Culture within our bones.
The minute I heard her Music, I was out blown. The lyrics and rthymic movement of a composite core. A woman that shows passion and mysterious vibes within music.

She has worked with artist: Sam Smith (Baby, everybody loves some Sam Smith), Lauryn Hill, Brandy, and even K Michelle

Rachel Kerr is a true artist with so much potential within the industry.
I love her sing “Lover, Lover”
This is a British Singer and Entrepreneur. Music is her signature passion within love.
Audience “Can we Amen”
Give a woman some LOVE
Rachel Kerr is a pop British queen within MUSIC

Alright, so let’s dig into her success

She is the Ceo and Founder of a Performing Arts Company named Singercise. The Academy “Singercise” is based on vocal coaching and training.

Her website

Her works is incredible, and she styles the world upon many graces. Within music, she gives an edge upon Gospel Music and Creativity. This woman is a natural example of creativity and pop Caribbean roots upon music innovation.

Ladies and Gentlemen
Can a sister, get an AMEN

Her website has so much information about her success, music, and works. She has met so many famous people within the music industry. She has worked with artist such as K Michelle, Brand, and yes even Beyoncé.

Check out her music
Her spice is upon flavor and grace.

At a young age, she had a passion for Gospel music and showed her endurance along the way. She worked her way up within a ladder of the industry and gave much potential as to start her own Journey. She went above and beyond; she took every step as to combine her strength within Music.
Her family had the roots within the Gospel Music.
At a young age, Rachel Kerr started playing the violin and improved along the way. As a way as to reach her potential within music. Rachel decided to start dance and gain lessons within training.
She attended the Performing Arts Academy Blue Coat Comprehensive School and started to study GCSE. Within her years of school, she started to enter talent shows and competition.
Rachel was determined to make a statement within Music.

At the age of 15 years old, her big break was in a talent competition called Stars in Their Eyes.
She earned her first International Songwritting Award
She was invited to come on tour with many famous Gospel Singers

This woman is a true potential artist that has a lot of taste within Music. She has experience, networks, and opportunities.

A Music Legend within The Music Industry.

A List of Resources






Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/23y37KlRJCtgL0SAauraKq

Apple Music: http://itunes.apple.com/album/id/1477831047

This woman is a true artist and a true genius within the soul of music.



“Plain and simple, this woman’s high-powered voice, coupled with her gift to inspire others, makes her untouchable.” (Singersroom)

“Rachel is a certified star, one who has dazzled fanatics alongside music icons…The UK-BORN songstress Rachel Kerr is fast becoming a household name among music lovers. With dulcet tones, Rachel fuses the genres of contemporary R’n’B and gospel, forging a unique standard within the musical sphere. And the world is watching intently, as demand for the Birmingham creative continues to rapidly grow…” (The Voice Newspaper)

In a … scene dominated by hip hop and urban artists; singer Rachel Kerr stands out like a shining star.’ (Keep the Faith Magazine)

Rachel Kerr “Alive”

Rachel Kerr “Lover, Lover”

Etsy Development

So during the couple of weeks, I been working on portraits that I will be selling on Etsy very soon. These works are in early development and will be available to customers as to custom make.
I am showing you guys a sample of what I will be displaying on etsy very soon upon sale.
Thank You

Yes I made this portraits and 20 will be available when it’s up and running

Artistic Love


Photo by Rowan Chestnut on Unsplash

Artistic Love

Every artist has wings, every artist has a voice.

Our voice simplifies a simple movement of love and value.

Spur out the trade, Spur out the voices.

We have our own language; we have our own dignity.


Photo by Dane Deaner on Unsplash

As an artist, our job is to create a movement within the music. To be bold within the stage itself, to be empowered and never stop believing in our dreams.

Sometimes, life brings dedication.

But as long as we benefit within our community and write songs that have meaning. That’s the real value of love.

We might be afraid to reach out, we might be afraid to take leaps. But within the Music Industry, we have a voice, and we are the leaders that are going to make a difference.

Don’t expect life to build you down, don’t expect critiques to diminish your spirit. Everybody has a door, and it will open with time. But sometimes, life is a story built with walls, and quest.

You have to make the leap, and never be enchanted by the fear of taking off.

What Advice Do I Give to My Community of Artists?

Don’t give up, never breakdown, and take the shot at any age.

That’s why we exist, our music is a story that helps others along the way.

If you have any idea upon writing a song, think about the message, and where it might lead.

As a creative entrepreneur, I wanna be your voice and show you that potential does exist.

So be a leader and reach out to your community. Work with the artist, network with professionals, and always take chances.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure that out

As a creative entrepreneur, I struggled in many ways. I took a risk, I took Leaps. But I didn’t understand where I belonged. Music and Business were my main passion.

I learned a valuable lesson “If you want to be a leader, then show the world your real value within creativity”

Everybody always wants to be the best. But sometimes, being the best is not good enough.

Let your wings take flight, let your heart lead with desire.

Writing lyrics and composing songs are a natural beat. It brings our true value as inspiring as we can be.

I would love to contribute a story that helps me discover my passion and open my eyes once again.

Growing up I was a fan of Disney and I always grew up watching Disney Channel. I would watch Lizzie McGuire, That’s So Raven, Movies, Short Comedies, and More. I would dance and Sing to Disney Radio. I dance nonstop in my living room and sing every song from Disney.

What empowers my skin with Disney?

The potential of rising out and lifting your creativity with every step of joy.

That’s the value of an Artistic Love, Reaching your dreams and so much more

Thank you

Charm Rose Brand